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Steve Bicknell

Unswerving, visionary guided by a deep devotion to music that inspires and a desire to present it in the purest way possible.


Deeply rooted in the underground, an uncompromising analogue mode of production, following a pure and natural process guided from within.


Driven by passion to explore and create intensity, hidden away surrounded by nature in order to exhale sonic expression.


A pure creative, electronic live performer, DJ, composer and writer, European based, created in Taiwan.


17/12/2017 Steve Bicknell (DJ) Cassette
Madrid, ES
23/12/2017 Steve Bicknell (DJ) Jackhammer
Edinburgh, UK
28/12/2017 Steve Bicknell DJ Dates Ciel
Goa , India
29/12/2017 Steve Bicknell (DJ) Anarchy
Mumbai , India
30/12/2017 Steve Bicknell Berghain
Berlin, Germany
13/01/2018 Steve Bicknell (DJ) Baronisse
Baroo, Italy
26/01/2018 Steve Bicknell (DJ) MMA
Munich, Germany
27/01/2018 Steve Bicknell (DJ) Kepler Club
Giovinazzo, Italy
09/02/2018 Steve Bicknell (DJ) Tresor
Berlin, Germany
10/02/2018 Steve Bicknell (LSD) Junction 2, Tobacco Dock
London, UK

About 6dimensions

6dimensions is an exploration into balance and imbalance of the human mind’s natural make-up, Love, Fear, Joy, Hatred, Boredom and Sexuality.

Envisioning in terms of a wider platform, 6dimensions is “an outlet for creatives, a platform for expression without boundaries, presented and revisited in various creative mediums whether that be music, film, installations, events, audio stories, soundscapes, visual art, performance, etc.” a place where “each creative can question their own or other's dimensions, focus on balance and imbalance, question the conscious and subconscious, fully immerse themselves to create from within, following feelings rather than the mind, evading what can be known as misguided teachings.”

If you feel you have ideas, material or a concept for 6dimensions please make contact...